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4G GPS watch how to change IP and port in watch Dial

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4G GPS watch how to change server IP and port in watch Dial

Please kindly note for all our 4G GPS tracker ok to change the device point to your own server , ONLY from server end, if your IT team already make the configuration with your server per our server protocol. NO SMS command to change the device IP and port any more. 

You can have a try to change the GPS ip and port on your server end, if not , just list me the IMEI of the device , we will change and point to your server from our server end.

4G watch is Android 4.40 OS , you are ok to change the ip and port in watch dial accordingly , just dial *#*#80020#*#*

watch dial

You can manual input the IP and port point to your own server 

watch dial02

After this , just wait 6-8 minutes , you need manual restart the device in watch menu or just send SMS command to reboot the device :


now we can send SMS :


to check the device reply , you will see if it already change the device IP and port to your server .This is the template of the ts# reply , so you can see if the device if already with your server IP and port, meanwhile if GPRS or NET (OK )in the reply, it means the device already online :

ts# reply message-Asia sewrver

Please kindly ensure all your datas with key encryption to avoid the datas flew out.

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