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  • What's the payment terms you accept, sample charge and bulk order amount?

    Sample charge payment is prepaid through Western Union or PayPal, we will send you the tracking number once dispatch done , normaly the samples lead time is 2-3days.
    For bulk order,our payment term: T/T(30% down payment, 70% balance before shipping), We will send you the lading bill or Telecom release scan copy  to get the cargos in local forwarder.

  • Can I customized the items with our own logo/Brand? the customized giftbox , manual ?

    Yes, we offer the full OEM & ODM service.
    If the order quantity more than 1000pcs , we offer free customized giftbox printing and manual printing .
    If the software customized , we may charge the extra software setup charge if necessary.
  • What's the MOQ and lead time?

    For our existing mold items, normally we don't have strict MOQ, samples or trial order is available.
    Our sample lead time 2-3days, our production lead time is 10-15days, which also based on the order quantity.
  • what's your products warranty ?

    We offer 12 months after shipping the warranty guarantee for all our clients. If any issue after receiving the samples, please kindly feel free contact us .
  • Do you offer online technical support ?

    Yes, we have online technical support online anytime, we have social media Skype and Whatsapp, you can add us and contact us if any question
  • Is your app and server has annual fee? app and server safe ?

    No, our app and server for free using anytime global, app in Googleplay store and Apple store, free download anytime.

    Our app software datas all with key encryption and all datas saved in Amazon cloud server , we have AMS GDPR agreement .
  • For sample charge or freight charge if I would like send through the economic Post mail , or I would like trail order for more quantity if ok to bargain and negotiation with you?

    Yes, our sales team have online social media whatsapp or skype available anytime , please kindly contact us or leave our messages, we will contact you and assist you
  • Can I buy the samples for testing on your website?Payment method?

    Yes, our company website ok to purchase the item invidually @
    For sample charge and pre-paid freight charge door to door, we have western union and PayPal payment
  • Why would kids need a GPS tracker?

    Why would kids need a GPS tracker?

    4G GPS tracker watch is a GPS tracker that also functions as a smart watch, so your older kids should want to wear it. 
    *No distracting games or apps
    *Live map location-tracking
    *Step tracker
    *Voice Messaging and video calling
    * 2 way voice call
    *SOS panic button
    *Geo fencing up to 3 safety zones
    * Fall down detection
    GPS tracker watch is not just a watch,it's a real time live map monitoring . there are some cases that call for giving your child a GPS tracker. For example, a GPS device can help parents with kids who live in multiple households or have special needs keep tabs on their whereabouts. Toddlers and little tykes may also benefit from a small tracker on their shoelace or clothes in crowded places. 
    In addition to regular GPS tracking, you can set GPS boundaries (also called geofencing) to keep your kids safe. If they cross a boundary, you’ll get an automatic alert. This feature is especially handy if you’ve got a wanderer. You can see their location through the parents' app and check their status live.

    The child tracking device uses 4G LTE to track location, send alerts, video call. The GPS locator helps you keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts at all times.
    With features like geofences, mobile app alerts, and activity tracking, GPS trackers for kids make family outings and their solo adventures a little safer. These simple devices give you the confidence to let them explore their world at a young age. 
    Mini GPS tracker is small enough to fit inside a child's pocket, or you can attach it to the included lanyard, keychain, or belt clip to turn it into a wearable device. The mini tracker also comes with a silicone cover to protect it from water damage.
    you can put it inside your luggage just in case the airline loses it. The mini tracker with silicon cover can even be attached to your dog's collar before you embark on an adventure. 
    *Long battery life
    *Secure, durable attachments


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