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Technical Support

  • GEO Fence setting in APP

    GEO-Fence setting in APP Beesure GPS app is ok to set 3 Geo-fence in app for each device individually .For each fence , you need set the fence name and fence diameter (200-2000meters) and save in app, once the device over the geo-fence , the GPS device will send the alarm alerts Push notification in app. In Googlemap in phone app, you can draw virtual fences on the map. You will receive notifications in case the tracker (your child) leaves a specific area. In short, these features allow you to track their location and safety at all times. Please kindly note the fence is not ok overlap each other. Shenzhen Yushengchang Technology Company is a reliable GPS manufacture , we are specialized in different collections GPS tracker for kids, girls ,lady ,women safety , pets security , senior healthcare , and vehicle fleet management monitoring and assets security tracker. For more information, please kindly visit our website and contact us for test demo:   Read More>

  • server backstage URL update 06152021

    Dear All, Please kindly note our Amazon server backstage URL already updated, the server account login ID and password as is , no any change , Please kindly note it.   Read More>

  • Beesure GPS APP Quick Start Guide

    Beesure GPS free download it from Googleplay store or Appstore, free using anytime anywhere   Read More>

  • Beesure GPS SeTracker Server Protocol

    Beesure GPS SeTracker Server Protocol ,Server Protocol GPRS Communication   Read More>

  • Choose a GPS device with all data key encryption is very important

    GPS tracker is feature phone system +GPS module +WIFI module, with SIM card for GPRS communications .It work with phone app is phone to phone , m2m. GPS trackers are designed to bring you greater peace of mind by helping you to monitoring real time your kids, your elderly, your pets, your car/ asset and all your local ones' real googlemap position   Read More>

  • 4G GPS tracker watch change server portal in watch Dial

    4G GPS tracker watch change server portal in watch Dial --4G GPS watch how to change server IP and port in watch Dial Please kindly note for all our GPS trackers ok to change the device point to your own server , ONLY from server end, if your IT team already make the configuration with your server per our server protocol. NO SMS command to change the device IP and port any more. We arleady closed most of SMS commands per EU requirements. You can have a try to change the GPS ip and port on your server end, if not , just list us the IMEI of the device , we will change it and point to your server from our server end. For production, we are ok to pre-set your ip and port in software before shipping.   Read More>

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