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How to check SIM card apn information in an Android Smart Phone

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How to check sim card ( Which will be used in the GPS tracker ) apn information in an Android smart phone?

4G GPS device SIM card specs:

1)4G VoLTE nano sim (valid Voice+SMS+GPRS)

2) GPRS monthly plan (100-120MB)

3) No pin code

4) No voice mail

If you are sure the sim is not out of credit and with GPRS data plan package activated , but after the device bind in app, still show offline/ disconnected in phone app, then you need setup the apn for the GPS tracker to connect the local network.

1) Take out the sim card from the tracker/Watch, put it in an Android phone to check the apn information as below:

Noted : The device must be turned off before inserting the SIM card or take out the sim card. You can turn it off by long pressing the side power button.

2)( Video upon example): You will see the apn name is cmnet MCC: 460 MNC:02 

3) Then turn off the tracker/watch, take out the sim card from the android phone, and put back to the tracker and turn it on

4) Send the sms command to set the apn, the sms command format is ( no any space among the command) :

pw,123456,apn,apn name,,,MCCMNC# 

Then the SMS command for apn setting is:


(Note:the sms command send from your smart phone to the sim card number in the GPS device)

This is another example show you to understand it more:


you need send the sms command based on the exact apn information to ensure the watch/tracker connected network sucessfully.

after sending the sms command, your phone will also get a SMS reply message from the GPS device, refer to below 

APN Setting(this is the screenshot of your smart phone SMS interface)

5) After apn setting, normally you need restart/reboot the Tracker/Watch, you can send the sms command: 


after device restarted, then check in the app if the device is online now!

Regarding the android 4G watch , ok to manually set the apn in watch Settings:

Please kindly ensure turn off watch before inserting the sim card, then turn it on watch to manually set the apn or send the SMS command to set the apn .

For RT OS system 4G watch , CAT 1 watch only ok to send SMS to set the apn .

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