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These are related to the GPS Tracker news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in GPS Tracker and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand GPS Tracker market.
  • GPS watch for lady women protection against partner violence
    For lady protection , Chile Goverment launched the GPS watch Jun.14,2021 GPS watch for lady women protection from partner violence -Chile Government launched TV the GPS watch for lady women protection from partner violence (Jun.14,2021) We’re working together against domestic abuse, we offer the GPS tracker (watch ) with panic button for emergency call for help , and real time real google map position monitoring ,until women and children are safe. Government working together to provide life-saving services and build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated. “GPS tracker monitoring is not the panacea to keep women safe but it is another tool in the tool kit as we seek to address the full life cycle of violence across prevention, early intervention, response and recovery.”   Read More>
  • Beesure GPS APP Quick Start Guide
    4P-Touch Beesure GPS free download it from Googleplay store or Appstore, free using anytime anywhere   Read More>
  • A piece of mind, parents keep an eye watching your loved ones - the advantages features of children' GPS track
    A piece of mind, parents keep an eye watching your loved ones - the advantages features of children' GPS tracker and kids GPS watchIn this era of information explosion and rapid technological development, parents are more concerned about their children's safety than ever before. Children's GPS locator, as an emerging smart wearable device, is gradually becoming the new favorite of modern families. It is not only a simple location tracking tool, but also a peace of mind for parents and a guardian angel for the safe growth of children.It be ensure children are same from the kidnap and abduction......   Read More>
  • Adult GPS tracker with fall down detection and Alarm alerts notifications
    Adult GPS tracker with fall down alarm and push notification alerts All our portable mini GPS tracker and adult/senior healthcare GPS watch with fall down detection , the fall sensor sensitive is adjustable in the app , this will be actively learns your movements to help improve accuracy and reduce false falls alarm alerts. Whether it's with or without injury, falls can carry a heavy quality of life impact. all our GPS tracker can provide extra security for older adults who are at a high risk of falling.   Read More>
  • 4G Android GPS watch available manual connect WIFI network
    4G Android GPS watch available manual connect WIFI network All our 4G Android GPS watch is available to manual connect WIFI router , even without the sim card, online in app ( this only work for indoors wifi router available) Once your watch still offline after inserting the sim card, you can remove the sim card and try to connect the wifi router , this way to check if without the sim card ,the watch online in phone app after connected wifi network, then the only thing is sim card apn issue , it need set the apn then everything is fine. Check sim card apn information and set the apn , please kindly refer to our website:   Read More>
  • How to check SIM card apn information in an Android Smart Phone
    How to check sim card ( Which will be used in the GPS tracker ) apn information in an Android smart phone? 4G GPS device SIM card specs: 1)4G VoLTE nano sim (valid Voice+SMS+GPRS) 2) GPRS monthly plan (100-120MB) 3) No pin code 4) No voice mail If you are sure the sim is not out of credit and with GPRS data plan package activated , but after the device bind in app, still show offline/ disconnected in phone app, then you need setup the apn for the GPS tracker to connect the local network.   Read More>
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