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Shenzhen Yushengchang Technology Co., Ltd. , the Department of Shenzhen City Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the establishment of a limited liability company, with independent corporate qualifications.

Foresee your demands and bring our concerns to you, making you feel pleasant in 4P-Touch service.

Please pay attention to the information as follows in order to safeguard your rights and interests.

In order to enjoy the rights of “Guarantees for Repair, Replacement, Return (Three-guarantee)” in buying 4P-Touch products, you should:

 Ask for valid invoice or accessory invoice (if accessory is solely purchased) and keep them well. The valid invoice is explicitly marked out model of accessory.

This is guarantee that all our products ship from Shenzhen Yushengchang Technology Co.,LTD, we guarantee the warranty is 12 months after shipping, but except the artificial damaged.Whatever real defective,just keep as is and return to us and not open the device. We have online or landline technical support for after-sale service anytime, please kindly contact the correspondings sales staff, he /she will assist you right then.You will know that so many technical issue just because the consumer improperly operation .

If any technical issue you can contact us online service or e-mail, we will assist you how to do some testing and checking and advise you what next to do to solve such problems, if really defective, then please remove the package and wrap the devices in the bubble sheet and return to us through regular post mail , OR you can wait for more pcs to send back together because that will save your freight charge, after we received ,we will check and fixed them ;if not ok to fix, then we will replace new ones for you, but we will see if the issue come from us or come from the user , if the issue is come from end user , for any damaged parts, we will charge some extra cost .You can also purchase some spare parts from us to fix the items in your local. 

For all our clients we do the after-sale service, you pay the returned items freight charge, we will send you the replacement or fixed devices in the next shipment with your remaining orders. Because we just offer the factory cost ,and offer our app software and Amazon cloud server platform free and no any extra annual fee.
We do not offer the spare parts with products in shipment. But we have the spare parts of the devices you can purchase it separately for after sales local service.You will also charge some extra cost to your consumer whose item is artificial damaged for repair it.

Please kindly note the firmware of GPS is featured phone system, it's in the market running more than 30 years and steady working, it is not easy to be damaged, all our products are conducted fully checking and inspection prior packing.


Please kindly note for wearable device or pendant tracker most of our items are IP67 waterproof, it's ok for washing hand or take a shower unnecessary to take if off .But we suggest PLEASE do not wear it for swimming . Even overall our items are waterproof construction, the micro phone and speaker are quality water resistance , it's better not dip in water , because the water pressure may affect the speaker output quality or it may be damaged . Thank you!


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