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GPS tracker trouble shooting
1.Sim card specification:
(1) Check the sim card if it support 2G GSM network
(2) The sim card should be with 2G GPRS data and not out of credit
(3) Sim card should be voice+data , and with caller ID display function
(4) The sim card can't be with pin code
(5)Pre-paid GPRS Flew package monthly , no less than 25-30MB/month, it also depends on the 
operation times.

2. If on app always show device offline, then what need to do?
(1) check the sim card if have 2G GPRS data
(2) Check the sim card if it is out of credit or without gprs data
(3) Check if the network is very weak
(4) Use your mobile to send an sms command: pw,123456,ts# and check the message reply, in the parameter if you see GPRS(OK), then the network is ok, if GPRS(NO), then you need check the sim card if has problem (see above (1) (2)(3)
If GPRS(OK), then check the IMEI number if it is same as the watch back cover, if not the same, then use your mobile phone number to send the sms command: pw,123456,imei,xxxxxxxxxxxxx#(note xxxxxxxxxxxxx please put the IMEI number on the watch back cover.)
If still GPRS(NO), then please check with your local sim card operator to get the sim card apn information (including APN name, MCC# and MNC#), then use your mobile phone to send the sms command(pw,123456,apn,apn name,,,MCCMNC#) to set APN local setting
3. When you call the device, but rejected or busy (on the line)
(1) check the watch sim card if have caller ID display function
(2) check the number if it is not set in app phone book or set as SOS number
(3)Check if set the non-disturb time period, during the time period, it's not ok to call in
(4) Check the SIM card if pre-set in the Leave message OR Voice message model
4. Why the device can accept all the incoming call?
Because in app you did not set any phone number, if you set any one phone number in app, then other number(not set in app) can't call in
5. What is LBS location?
Indoor use LBS position, outdoor use GPS position, you can take the device go outside in the open area to activate GPS, that will be much more accurate
If the watch long time not moved(in the same place), the app will have no update time for position that is to save the power model, if you want see the update time position, you can move the device or shake the device to activate it, then press the Locate (on the APP page bottom) to sync the active map location
6. How to set the watch time and date?
(1) After inserted the sim card, take the watch outside, GPS will auto sync the active time
(2)Set the time in app (Setting-Language and Timezone), choose the correct timezone is ok
(3) Use your mobile phone to send the
  sms command: pw,123456,time,hour.minute.second,date,
  (for example: pw,123456,time,15.32.23,date,2017.9.29#)


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