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Adult GPS tracker with fall down detection and Alarm alerts notifications

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Adult GPS tracker with fall down detection and Alarm alerts notifications

GPS tracker with the fall detection is very important for elderly,automatic fall detection was the most popular special feature . Fall detection devices can prevent negative consequences like dehydration, hypothermia, and pressure sores if someone falls and is lying on the ground for a long time.

All GPS tracker have a SOS button to press in the event of a fall or other emergency. But if you’re not able to press the button when you fall, you may not be able to get to it. That's why fall detection is so important.

All our portable mini GPS tracker and adult/senior healthcare GPS watch , GPS bracelet with fall down detection , the fall sensor sensitive is adjustable in the app , this will be actively learns your movements to help improve accuracy and reduce false falls alarm alerts.

Whether it's with or without injury, falls can carry a heavy quality of life impact. all our GPS tracker can provide extra security for older adults who are at a high risk of falling.wherever indoor and outdoor, while wearables with GPS tracker allow location tracking and emergency detection on-the-go. 24/7hours realtime realmap monitoring your loved ones.

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