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GPS Tracking

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Knowing that you are interested in GPS Tracking, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Adult GPS tracker with fall down detection and Alarm alerts notifications
    Adult GPS tracker with fall down alarm and push notification alerts All our portable mini GPS tracker and adult/senior healthcare GPS watch with fall down detection , the fall sensor sensitive is adjustable in the app , this will be actively learns your movements to help improve accuracy and reduce false falls alarm alerts. Whether it's with or without injury, falls can carry a heavy quality of life impact. all our GPS tracker can provide extra security for older adults who are at a high risk of falling.   Read More>
    Beesure GPS APP OPERATION GUIDE   Read More>
  • 4G Android Kids GPS Media Watch
    4G Android Kids GPS Media Watch,with built in Music Player and Video Player,Ok to download own music , video, story watch .the kids loved playing music and video, listening the story. Enjoy!   Read More>
  • Beesure GPS App Test Demo
    Beesure GPS App Test Demo-for Global clients to test our app and check our GPS app working features.   Read More>
  • How to activate the dead 4G GPS tracker watch
    How to activate the dead 4G 4P-Touch GPS tracker watch? -All 4G GPS tracker watch should charge it with standard 5V/1A charger. Please kindly note the battery dead or system dead the only issue is come from the fast charger , Please kindly advise the user charge the watch only ok with standard 5V/1A charger , not ok for faster charger (5V/2A or more), because most of family are using the fast charger now. Option 1: the simple way is , please kindly charge it and long press the power button over 25 seconds to reboot it to see if ok back to normal. Option 2: Leave it on as is until all power go out , and completely runout and not ok to turn on, then charge it again 1-2hours to see if ok to turn on and back to normal. Option 3:Please kindly just short circuit the battery with tweezer to activate the battery then is fine.   Read More>
  • GEO Fence setting in APP
    GEO-Fence setting in APP Beesure GPS registered @4P-Touch was designed with the aim of always having the safety of your children and our loved ones first and foremost at all times. For this reason, our Beesure GPS is equipped with a sensor which, if the GPS watch is removed, automatically activates the alarm alerts. For 4G kids watch only D31U with this particular feature. All our GPS with 3 Geo-fence valid , set it on our serer end for each device. Once the kids over the geo-fence , the GPS device will send the alarm alerts /Push notification in app,in case the tracker (your child) leaves a specific area. A function appreciated by all of our users who in this way can be sure of protecting children from possible bullying. Another plus? The quick Sos Panic button that manages to immediately activate the call to emergency numbers.   Read More>
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