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How to activate the dead 4G GPS tracker watch

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How to activate the dead 4G GPS tracker watch?

Important-All 4G GPS tracker watch should charge it with standard 5V/1A charger or laptop USB charger.Don't charge it with faster charger

Otherwise, there is a risk of the system falling asleep due to battery protection and this sleep may be irreversible.

Please kindly note the battery dead or system dead the only issue is come from the fast charger , Please kindly advise the user charge the watch only ok with standard 5V/1A charger , not ok for faster charger (5V/2A or more), because most of family are using the fast charger now.

***Please kindly note our GPS watch cost not include the 5V/1A charger cost ,the 5V/1A charger is optional ,if necessary ,you are ok to purchase the 5V/1A charger separately from us ***

(The UL charger standard 5V/1A extra unit cost is $1.35/pc)

UL charger

(The EU charger standard 5V/1A extra unit cost is $1.35/pc)

EU charger

(The AU charger standard 5V/1A extra unit cost is $1.35/pc)

AU charger

(The UK charger standard 5V/1A extra unit cost is $1.45/pc)

UK charger

(The EU mini charger standard 5V/1A extra unit cost is $0.65/pc)

mini charger

***Please kindly note for 4G gps tracker:

1) No operation during charging

2) whatever insert the SIM card or take out the SIM card, it should turn off the watch first

3) Please kindly note the 4G GPS watch ,after turning it on , it has itself system runing software time, just wait a few seconds and operation it is fine. Do not click or Press the button very qucik/often, 

4) Do not use the data cable to charge the watch

Any upper improperly operation will be easy to cause the battery or system dead, it need you reactivate the battery or short circuit the battery:

Option 1: the simple way is , please kindly charge it (1-2hours with standard 5V/1A) and long press the power button over 25 seconds to reboot it to see if ok back to normal.( Invalid now )

Option 2: Leave it ON as is until all power flow out , and completely out of power and not ok to turn on, then charge it again 1-2hours to see if ok to turn on and if ok back to normal.(Invalid now)

Option 3:Please kindly just short circuit the battery with tweezer to activate the battery then is fine.

1) Turn off the watch and open watch backing
2) Use the tweezer to short circuit the battery ( The welding point of Red cable and Black cable)
3) charging it over 1-2 hours, enure you can see charging status in watch

4) then turn it on to see if ok, if not you need repeat the short circuit , until it work out


Kids 4G GPS watch

senior 4G GPS watch

battery charging

But this not work on watches damaged by water

Regarding waterproofing, we advise that water can enter the watch through the sim card slot, so please ensure that this slot is sufficiently inserted. Although the watch can withstand 30 minutes and 1m under water according to IP67, it is only static and must not be swum with or put any pressure on the watch with water. Practically this means don't swim, don't jump into the water, don't make any sudden movements in the water.

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