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GPS Tracking Watch

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  • How to activate the dead 4G GPS tracker watch

    How to activate the dead 4G 4P-Touch GPS tracker watch? -All 4G GPS tracker watch should charge it with standard 5V/1A charger. Please kindly note the battery dead or system dead the only issue is come from the fast charger , Please kindly advise the user charge the watch only ok with standard 5V/1A charger , not ok for faster charger (5V/2A or more), because most of family are using the fast charger now. Option 1: the simple way is , please kindly charge it and long press the power button over 25 seconds to reboot it to see if ok back to normal. Option 2: Leave it on as is until all power go out , and completely runout and not ok to turn on, then charge it again 1-2hours to see if ok to turn on and back to normal. Option 3:Please kindly just short circuit the battery with tweezer to activate the battery then is fine.   Read More>

  • Smart Senior Healthcare GPS tracker Monitoring System

    Smart Senior Healthcare GPS tracker watch ,If an aging loved one becomes lost or disoriented at times you may want to consider utilizing a GPS locator or a wearable device in order to track their whereabouts and find them in an emergency. The development of GPS medical alert systems has changed the way the elderly receive round-the-clock care while living at home. The changing technology does offer comfort for caregivers and autonomy to the elderly. Dementia and other similar conditions often cause elderly to become confused or lost in both familiar and unfamiliar places. It was only a matter of time before we made our medical records smart. A smart health monitoring service is bringing hardware and software capabilities together to assist with it There are all kinds of smart GPS watches that can help us on a daily basis. Ideally, a GPS tracking watch for adults can be used to locate an individual. These watches are also used to track our everyday fitness and activity status as well.   Read More>

  • WowME Tracker User Agreement

    WowME Tracker User Agreement 1. IntroductionWelcome to use the software and related services provided by ShenZhen Yushengchang Technology Co., Ltd.("WowME Tracker" "we" or "us") .The software and related services(“our services”) provide to you refer to the client application which is labeled "WowME Tracker   Read More>

  • How to set up the GPS tracker watch

    How to set up the GPS tracker watch   Read More>

  • Kidsafe APP wireframe customized for Vietnam Clients

    Kidsafe APP wireframe customized for Vietnam Clients   Read More>

  • Seressiter OEM kids GPS tracker watch

    Seressiter OEM kids GPS tracker watch -Customized GPS kids watch Seressiter for Italy 2858 security Sep.2017 Parents and children like the smart watch! Mom and Dad are calm because Seresitter gives them confidence. The children are happy because they receive a colorful and fun gift! What if they're busy or can't read the notification? No problem! Just press the Sos button to activate the alarm towards the parents. It's a piece of mind for parental control your loved ones.   Read More>

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