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Server Platform Auto Generate Device ID and Register Code

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Server Platform Auto Generate Device ID and Register Code

For personal security protection issue, some of our 4G GPS watch compliance to the new policy, there is no more tag with device ,we just put a IMEI sticker on the watch backing, no more ID or register QR code information on whatch tag .


Once you receive the watch , you will see in the watch UI , there is a QR code ,but it's invalid


Please kindly charge the watch 1-2hours before activate it . Insert the sim card, and turn on watch , If device online and connect local network, then it will auto generate a QR code in the watch, then you just need use the phone app to scan the QR code to bind the watch in your app.

You can find the device QR in watch UI-<More >


QR _20230306122720

If after inserting the sim card , the watch still not online,this need set the apn to make it online. But you still ok to manual connect WIFI router network in the watch to activate the watch , then you can see the watch auto generate a valid QR code from our server end , scan the QR code to bind the device in app then is fine


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