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A list of these Watch Tracker articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Watch Tracker, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Beesure GPS SMS command list
    Beesure GPS commands list: Per EU requirements, we already closed all the SMS , to protect the user personal data and avoid the hacker ,only these 6 particular SMS command valid now. Set the SIM card APN to connect the local network with GPS device, please kindly refer to Beesure GPS user guide for detail information:   Read More>
  • Beesure GPS App Test Demo
    Beesure GPS App Test Demo-for Global clients to test our app and check our GPS app working features.   Read More>
  • How to manual connect wifi router in 4G Android GPS watch Setting
    How to manual connect wifi router in 4G Android GPS watch Setting   Read More>
  • How to activate the dead 4G GPS tracker watch
    How to activate the dead 4G 4P-Touch GPS tracker watch? -All 4G GPS tracker watch should charge it with standard 5V/1A charger. Please kindly note the battery dead or system dead the only issue is come from the fast charger , Please kindly advise the user charge the watch only ok with standard 5V/1A charger , not ok for faster charger (5V/2A or more), because most of family are using the fast charger now. Option 1: the simple way is , please kindly charge it and long press the power button over 25 seconds to reboot it to see if ok back to normal. Option 2: Leave it on as is until all power go out , and completely runout and not ok to turn on, then charge it again 1-2hours to see if ok to turn on and back to normal. Option 3:Please kindly just short circuit the battery with tweezer to activate the battery then is fine.   Read More>
  • Sandbox project a GPS bid broadcast channel in Thailand
    Sandbox project a bid broadcast channel in Thailand , You can see our GPS watch in the video Y6S   Read More>
  • GPS tracker collections for Locon Poland
    GPS tracker collections for Locon Poland Your family deserves to be safe - we take care of them every day! Locon is the creators of apps that use location services and manufacturers of devices that provide remote care for the people you want to care for every day. Since operating on the Polish market in 1995, we have become a leader in location-based services and services based on GSM and GPS technologies. As a trusted partner, we work with companies like Orange, T-Mobile, Play, Plus and Netia to provide solutions to individual and business customers.   Read More>
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