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Beesure GPS APP Quick Start Guide

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*For the 1st time or new using GPS device ,if you test the device and the position not accurate ,please kindly try to restart it outdoor to get the GPS map position in app, it will syncs the satellites with local coordinates (Latitude and longitude) in App Googlemap position, this should be also help the indoor positions more accuracy .Please kindly ensure you test GPS outdoors and get the GPS position first , if not you need take it outdoors and restart it to get the GPS position first

Beesure GPS APP Quick Start Guide

Beesure GPS APP download

Beesure GPS free download it from Googleplay store or Appstore, free using anytime anywhere:

1) download APP and install app in your smart phone

2) insert the sim card in the device and turn on the device

3) use your e-mail address to register the app login ID and password , once login , you need select the language , select the area of local region, then login app

4) Add the device in app, scan the SQUARE QR code on the device backing, or input the register code on the QR sticker is fine.

app regiter

add device

5) After Login APP,Press the Locate on the bottom of the APP ,just check if the device is Online or offline

6) If online, you can see the syncs the time and date, for the 1st time using the new device, it's better take it outdoor or out of window to sync the map location come from GPS satellites, this will more accuracy once indoors

(just hold the item and put hand out of the window, and meanwhile press Locate until you get GPS signals from satellites)

7) if device offline and the device you have is 2G /GSM device, we need check 2 things with sim card local operator, one is sim card if full compatible with 2G/GSM network , the other one is need activate GSM GPRS plan 25-30MB monthly pre-paid. If yes, we still need to check the SIM card APN include the MCC and MNC code in android smart phone , it is in the phone Setting. ( you can refer to the attached video)

i)the sim is full compatible with 2G/GSM network;

ii)activate GSM /GPRS 25-30MB monthly pre-paid

Whatever 3G or 4G SIM card ,just need check 2 things is fine,all our 2G gps device ok to use 3G or 4G SIM card

If it is 4G system GPS , just ensure the sim card is 4G and activate GPRS plan is fine.

*All the sim card for GPS , please kindly ensure no PIN code, if with it , it should remove it in the smart phone before you insert it in the GPS device

Regarding the Offline, we can try to check as follows through SMS( no any space among the command):


Copy and paste it in your smart phone and send this SMS from your smart phone to the number of the sim card in the GPS device , it will get the reply,The gps will reply the motherboard information and gps working status as follows:

ts reply

This is the template of the ts# reply from the GPS, you need exactly understand the GPS reply for each content, this is the way we can check what's the problem GPS has it ,GPRS OR NET should be OK

GPRS NO means device offline,we have to take out the sim to put in an android smart phone to check the APN information include the MCC and MNC code in phone Setting,Please kindly refer to Youtube link:

Once you get the APN information(MCC,MNC) , for example , the APN, MCC is 402,MNC is 06

after this you need insert the sim in the GPS device again and turn on it,then you send SMS:


After seting the APN SMS, you need reboot the system :pw,123456,reset#

This is the time to check the ts# reply again, ensure GPRS or Net OK.

(Do not use any strange sms command, Important :no any space among the SMS command)


we just need do these, make the GPS work , then every feature is in APP,app is easy to operation , you can press any where to check and try to familiar with the feature.Our app is intelligent to detect the device for particular features, different item with different features, app will appear the particular features to support the corresponding device.

(***Please kindly note ,after you scan the QR code and add any device in app, device online app, you need logout the app and login again to re-flash the app.One app ok for monitoring 50pcs MAX at the same time in the same account.)


This is explain to you because the device is for global user, different country has many sim operator , each operator has different APN ,MCC and MNC to verify their own network, we just need do this to compatible with their local network and make the item work is fine.


Apn setting is not necessary for all the sim card , because in our GPS software , we already pre-load the most operator's APN setting already, just incase some sim card is from the new operator . But you need use to check the ts# reply to know the GPS working status.


Please kindly note for 4G Video call gps tracker:

1) No operation during charging

2) whatever insert the SIM card or take out the SIM card, it should turn off the watch first

3) If any wrong operation caused the watch dead, just need turn off the watch in app and long press the power button around 25 seconds to active the system is fine

Or open watch backing to use the tweezers to short circuit the battery , then charge it.

4) Do not use the data cable to charge the watch ,this is easy to get the watch dead

5) If the battery is dead, needs larger amperage to start. it like on old Nokia 3310 when if u keep the phone dead for a week it was needed a higher amperage charger to start it, the standard USB charger is 5V/1A , Do not use 5V/2A or more faster charger


Because EU and Amazon restrict the SMS command to avoid the hacker for the personal datas, all our GPS only available for 6 SMS command currently


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