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Beesure GPS App map position

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App map positioning

Thank you for using our app :Beesure GPS


*Please kindly note add any device in app , you need logout and login app again to refresh the app features, because our app is intelligent to detect the device firmware for the corresponding features of each item.


*For the 1st time or new using GPS device ,if you test the device and the position not accurate ,please kindly try to restart it outdoor to get the GPS map position in app, it will syncs the satellites with local coordinates (Latitude and longitude) in App Googlemap position, this should be also help the indoor positions more accuracy .Please kindly ensure you test GPS outdoors and get the GPS position first , if not you need take it outdoors and restart it to get the GPS position first


GPS device position data information:


1) Indoor: GPS device get the map location from Local Base Station or WiFi hotspots ( if indoor available WiFi routers or hotspots) . The device WiFi mode is auto detection WiFi hotspots, it's not necessary to enter the WiFi network password , it get the map location from WiFi database


2) Outdoor: GPS device get the position data from GPS satellites (GPS, Glonass,Galileo,BDS all compatible)


*LBS map location accuracy is 100-500meters or more , it's depends on the local network bases stations quantities surroundings , the map location pin in the googlemap is blue color.


*WiFi map location accuracy is 20-30 meters, the pin in googlemap is green color


*For outdoor , gps map location data come from satellites, the accuracy is less than 2-5 meters, the pindot in the googlemap is red color


The pindot colors are defined colors global, nobody can change it in googlemap



GPS with SIM card is a phone system +GPS mode +WiFi mode, it work with phone app is phone to phone, machine to machine.

All our GPS communication with Amazon socket server is GRPS communication , it’s TCP/IP communication.

GPS device IMEI is registered on server end , server just identify the GPS per device ID number.The IMEI is 15numbers,the device ID number is 10 numbers ,come from the IMEI number.( Please refer to below an example to understand hoe the ID number come from the IMEI number)

IMEI number

About locating the device:

The position is determined by orientation. Position finding is always limited by the local signal and the size of the receivers in the equipment. Note that the size of the device is designed to be hand-held and much of the device is held by the battery. Thus, the receivers are generally weaker than in phones. 

This is a physical feature of the device and is not a defect of the device.

  • GPS - primarily using GPS - most accurate, on the order of meters, outdoors.

  • Wifi - out of GPS range, in enclosed spaces (buildings, shadows of large buildings) out of range of surrounding Wifi - with error from units to hundred of meters.

  • LBS - out of GPS and Wifi range, in enclosed areas without Wifi signal using mobile operators' transmitters - with error from 100m to several km. This positioning can be switched off to avoid unnecessary scare in case of a few kilometres error.

  • If you wear a watch on your wrist and move around with it, there is a good chance that even in buildings you will pick up an accurate location at least via the Wifi network if no GPS signal is available.

  • If the watch wearer's location seems suspicious for an extended period of time, call the watch wearer to verify that all is well.

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