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Easy Opeartion Senior Healthcare GPS Tracker Watches Is A Trend of The Elderly Fitness Care

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Easy Opeartion Senior Healthcare GPS Tracker Watches Is A Trend of The Elderly Fitness Care 

                                                                                                   -Shenzhen Yushengchang Technology Co.,LTD

With the continuous development of technology, GPS healthcare monitoring products designed for the elderly are attracting more and more attention. all our senior healthcare  products are designed to help seniors and family members better manage the elderly health conditions while ensuring they receive timely help in emergencies.Our existing elderly healthcare GPS tracker watch ok to customized the software and lock screen for your local senior healthcare projects .In order to meet the special needs of the elderly, these products are designed to be simple and easy to use, with the following features:

Simple interface: The product's operating interface as simple as possible and avoid complicated settings and options. Large fonts, high contrast, and clear icons help seniors read and understand information more easily, also lock screen not ok to change any setting on watch end.

One-touch operation: The elderly may be confused when operating complex equipment, so GPS health monitoring products provide one-touch functions, such as one-touch dialing of emergency contacts, and auto answer call from the whitelist contact ,,,,etc., so that the elderly can use them easily, all the data remote monitoring and setting in the phone app or on server platform end

Voice prompts: In order to facilitate the elderly with poor vision, products have voice prompt functions, such as voice alarm clock, audio medicine reminder ...etc., so that the elderly can understand relevant information more intuitively.

Real-time positioning: Through GPS tracking system, the product can track the location of the elderly in real time, ensuring that they can receive timely help at any time and anywhere. In addition, family members and caregivers can also check the real-time location of the elderly through the mobile APP or computer web platform backstage to quickly find them in an emergency.

Remote Health monitoring: In addition to positioning functions, our products also with remote health monitoring functions, such as real-time monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, blood Oxygen and temperature ...... to help the elderly understand their physical conditions in a timely manner. Once an abnormality , family members or medical institutions so that appropriate measures can be taken.

Geo-fence: all our GPS tracker ok to set 3 geo-fence for each device , any out of the geo-fence , the phone app end will receive the push notifications.

Emergency call: In an emergency, the elderly can send help information to the preset emergency contact through the SOS button on the product to receive quick rescue.GPS tracker watch with 3 axis gravity sensor to detect is any fall down,the fall down sensor sensitive is adjustable , it will generate the SOS call and push notifications to the phone app 

Ultra-long standby time: Considering that the elderly may forget to charge, our GPS tracker watch have an ultra-long standby time to ensure that it can be used normally at critical moments, normally 800mah battery ok for every 3-4 days charging .

In short, GPS health monitoring products designed for the elderly are easy to use and have real-time positioning, health monitoring and emergency calling functions, which can effectively protect the safety and health of the elderly. With the advancement of technology, we believe that our senior healthcare GPS tracker watch or bracelet will become more intelligent and user-friendly, bringing more convenience to the lives of the elderly.

We are ok to customize the software and lock screen for your senior healthcare watches , the elderly or users can not make any change in watch setting, the watch is easy and simple operation , all the setting and datas remote monitoring in phone app or in server platform backstage .

OEM customized software with lock screen is warmly welcome !




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