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GPS Tracker products Inquiry

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Does GPS Watch need a phone line?
No. GPS Watch works as a mobile phone with sim card for all GPRS communications, completely independent of the telephone line. There is no need to carry a mobile's more than a phone.
How does the SOS function work?
If necessary or in any emergency situation , the user presses the side button/panic button of the GPS for 3seconds. GPS sets up a handsfree telephone call for the saved number and sends SOS alarm alerts to the correspondings persons.
How do the timed interval data work?
GPS Device can periodically per the time interval setting in the app sync the data of moves and steps, compared to other days, and the healthcare datas.
How does the automatic detection of emergencies work?
Systems with accelerometer/gravity sensors for fall detection have major disadvantages. Already when clapping or other movements, the alarm triggers, emergencies without strong impact are not recognized. 
GPS Watch, on the other hand, creates a daily profile of the movements and steps and compares them to the current values. In case of significant deviations, a message will be sent. So falls and other restrictions of movement and disorientation are quickly and reliably detected and reported. A too high or too low heart rate * also triggers an alarm. Automatic alarms can be switched on and off.
Is GPS Watch suitable for people with dementia?
GPS device works independently and is therefore particularly suitable as an extended home emergency call for seniors and people with dementia , Alzheimer's or Parkinson's . There are no spatial limits. On the basis of the movement patterns, for example, loss of orientation or running away are nevertheless recognized.
Can I make a call with GPS tracker?
Yes. When pressing the SOS panic button,GPS Watch establishes a telephone conversation with hands-free calling to the saved SOS related number. In the case of unavailability two further numbers are called. 
GPS Watch can be called and the phone book function * can call 10-15 contacts numbers.
How reliable is GPS tracker?
GPS device is constantly connected to Amazon cloud server, we have GDPR agreement. All functions are permanently monitored. If a failure or disconnection occurs, it will be reported immediately.
Is there a standby service that will be active in an emergency?
You can choose who gets notified and can see the data. Experience has shown that family members know best how to assess emergency situations, and the inhibition threshold for contacting them is lower. 
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