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Choose a GPS device with all data key encryption is very important

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Choose a GPS device with all data key encryption is very important 

GPS tracker is feature phone system +GPS module +WIFI module, with SIM card for GPRS communications .It work with phone app is phone to phone , m2m. GPS trackers are designed to bring you greater peace of mind by helping you to monitoring real time your kids, your elderly, your pets, your car/ assets and all your loved ones' live view real Google map position. All our GPS with panic button ,this is help to keep the kids, elderly or disabled safe by providing them just need press SOS button to voice call for emergency help once the user in any emergency situation.

But for these we always let us know where our loved ones are, and even the devices that can let us voice talk and intercom chatting, also video call. But how much we really know about the GPS device available in the market and how to see how they stood up to our security .Therefore, it is very important for us to choose GPS devices carefully, at least to make sure that all data of the GPS device connected to any server is encrypted. So we can't choose those trackers in the low-end market, these low-end GPS brings a nightmare rather than bring peace of mind. Not only is their lack of security worrying, but these devices are more likely to make your loved ones more vulnerable to attack, not less.


Beesure GPS all data saved on AWS cloud server , all with key encryption, key encryption is AES128, without MQTT.You can connect any our device to TCP/IP server , you will see all the data from the device on the server end are all garbled/unverified code.


说明: C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\WeChat Files\a92a4bd262caf92e43e1593446ee60b.png

Regarding the fall down detection and fall down alert, please kindly note our GPS device with gravity sensor in the firmware, if any speed drop from any orientation, the gravity sensor will detect it and generate a fall down notification and alert to phone app and SMS alerts to User related phone SOS numbers. This working feature with GPS device is for kids and for elderly, especially for elderly living alone, because the users have phone app end corresponding to their parents or their sons or daughters' phone number.

the GPS device will also auto call the related bound SOS phone number ,Users relatives will receive the call and ok to voice call to check if really the kids or elderly need help or not , this is the fall down detection feature and alerts ,the working feature willing to help people if real fall down and need a immediately help.


Regarding the emergency call, please kindly note all our GPS with panic SOS button for emergency call once the user in an emergency situation, our phone app with 3 SOS number setting. the GPS the fall down detection and generate the SMS alerts to app bound SOS numbers and meanwhile auto voice call the app banded SOS numbers , this is will helpful for user if he or she not able to press the SOS button because the fall down hurt itself. This is auto voice call and no need user to press the SOS number to pick up the phone once in emergency and need an immediately help


All our GPS with 3 GEO-fence setting, you can set the fences in App , if the GPS user out of the Geo-fence , phone app end will receive the notification , you need check in app the real time real googlemap position.


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