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Server Portal Configuration Guide

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Server Configuration Guide

Domain is ok to reach, but easy to get disconnected,because domain is not stable, we suggest use the TCP/IP socket server 

1)server Domain address or IP address both to be ok to used as long as they can guarantee the correct domain name resolution. The reason for using IP is to avoid the error of domain name resolution.

2)Our protocol is TCP/IP, not HTTP, not https

3)All GPRS communication, not UDP.

App software language:Android verison is JavaIOS version is Object C

Server running software language is Node.JS

Firmware software is Language C

It's TCP/IP socket server, GPRS communication only, key encryption is AES128, without MQTT

The most important is the device send whatever Linkkeep, your server need reply or confirm the Linkkeep for maintenance the network connection

At the beginning half hour , the device every minute send the Linkkeep; after half hour , it send Linkkeep every 5-8minutes

This is handshake , so they know each other for keep the network connection, if not, the network disconnect

Tkq2 is offline voice message

You will need to add some extra processing to the location algorithm in order to avoid satellite jumps, corrupted data, low accuracy places, improve the WiFi usage and so on. This is a good practice in any LBS software. Here is up to you all the logic that you want to use, if calculate averages, if cross against historical data of the same device, if always lock the position when GPS is not fixed, etc.

The server IP and port only can change from server end,IMEI should be registered in your server , the server identify the device per device ID number. After change the IP and port from server end, just reboot the device and wait 6-8 minutes is fine , so you can check the ts# reply , you will see

IMEI number

GPS with micro phone and speaker, it’s feature phone system, with SIM card for voice+data features

GPS system consists of feature phone ic chipset +GPS mode+WiFi mode (optional)

GPS work with phone app is phone to phone, machine to machine

This is the example to show you the server end data


All the HEX. need convert to ASCII code

1. Link keep :

HEX: 5B33472A303330343138373130392A303030392A4C4B2C302C302C32315D

ASCII: [3G*0304187109*0009*LK,0,0,21]

and should receive response equal to the one mounted: [3G*0304187109*0002*LK]


[SG*8800000015*0002*LK]---length is changed base on the length of the exact strings

Device Send:

Example:[CS*YYYYYYYYYY*LEN*LK,step, tumbling number,battery status percentage]



2. message:

HEX: 5B33472A303330343138373130392A303030392A46465A4450415948355D

ASCII: [3G*0304187109*0009*FFZDPAYH5]

3. SOS Alert with different code ( AL_LTE):

HEX: 5B33472A303330343138373130392A303132302A414C5F4C54452C3331303132302C3138343235312C562C302E302C4E2C302E302C452C32322E302C302C2D





ASCII: [3G*0304187109*0120*AL_LTE,310120,184251,V,0.0,N,0.0,E,22.0,0,-1,0,100,11,0,0,00010001,1,1,334,020,13011,23152154,100,5,RECUPERACIONSLT,78:8a:20:81:e6:df,


4. Position message with different code (UD_LTE):

HEX: 5B33472A303330343138373130392A303132302A55445F4C54452C3331303132302C3138343334372C562C302E302C4E2C302E302C452C32322E302C302C2D312C302





ASCII: [3G*0304187109*0120*UD_LTE,310120,184347,V,0.0,N,0.0,E,22.0,0,-1,0,100,11,0,0,00000001,1,1,334,020,13011,23152151,100,5,RECUPERACIONSLT,78:8a:20:81:e6:df,



The alarm bit of our protocol is 8-bit hexadecimal, and one hexadecimal is composed of 4-bit binary

4*8 is 32-bit, and our protocol can represent 32-bit status, of which the lower 16 bits represent the status ( our GPS don’t have any status ), and the higher 16 bits represent the alarm ( count from the right to left,the 1st bit is 0 ,start with 0),but alarm just once,the low battery alarm the 17th bit is 00020000,the SOS alarm the 16th bit is 00010000, if the both alarm together , should be 00030000; the fall down alarm 21th bit is 00200000

66666The top is hexadecimal, the bottom is binary


please kindly note the GPS device get the position physical time is 3 minutes , the device send the UD every 20seconds

normally receive 6 , 9 or 12 UD is ok, but V is invalid GPS position in UD, only A is valid GPS position in UD

after CR command from the server ,there is coming 6UD, 9UD or 12 UD is normal , only take the A valid GPS position in UD string

Below this is the pedometer protocol only

Walktime set up* (Pedometer)

Platform send:

[CS*YYYYYYYYYY*LEN*WALKTIME, time section, time section, time section]


Device response:



Note: set the walking time step counting time section.

Note:The device records two values, one is the number of steps per day, which will be reset every day,

and the other is the cumulative total number of steps, which will not be reset. What the device report to

the server is the total number of steps, and the server must calculate the number of steps per day based

on the total number of steps uploaded

HR and BPM datas report at the same time , this is the one need configuration now for all our senior GPS, please kindly advise your team

This is server end remote to get the HR and BP date protocol

3.1.*Platform remote request Heart rate and blood pressure:

Platform send:


x is 1 means device upload the heart rate datas single time, then auto stop after uploading.


x is 0 means device stop uploading the heart rate datas.

Device response:



Systolic blood pressure:112

Diastolic blood pressure:73

Heart rate:67

This is the device end report the HR and BP datas to server end protocol

3.4. *Heart rate and Blood pressure upload( both measuring at the same time)

Device upload:


The 1st parameter xx represents high pressure and 0 means invalid.

The 2nd parameter xx represents low pressure and 0 means invalid.

The 3rd parameter xx represents a heart rate of 0 for invalid

The 4th parameter xx represents height in cm

The 5th parameter xx represents gender 1 is male 2 is female

The 6th parameter xx represents age

The 7th parameter xx represents weight in KG

Platform response:


(Please kindly note the SPO2 is algorithm data in app and on server end, after you configuration HR and BP in your server ,SPO2 data will be auto on server end.)



GEO-fence is set on server end , not on app end

Please kindly note if the device not shaking or moving from the different orientation for 2 minutes, the device will auto go to hibernation mode,but if any shaking or moving from different orientation , it will wake up immediately

During hibernation , only Linkkeep , no any data transfer

In disconnection, no network, no linkkeep , no data transfer. But after connect the network, the device will update the position immediately

If your server end constant receiving the CONFIG data from the device  this is the device configuration command, your server ok to reply command to stop it.


Other command if unnecessary just reply it to stop it on your server end if device keep on repeat sending it.

eg.: [3G*7103000140*0005*ICCID] 

 [3G*7103000140*0006* RYIMEI]

 [3G*7103000140*000D* APPCONTACTTEL]

Please kindly note 4G GPS device use the smart phone IC , so many command and data we also not know it , it's something related phone features, if any datas not ok to verified in the protocol, just ignore it

***All 4G watch please kindly turn ON GPS switch on your server end.

*** All 4G watch please kindly tun OFF Night power saving mode on your server end, all our watch software defaulted ON

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